A poor man kissed and hugged his old dog who was dying

A poor man kissed and hugged his old dog who was dying.

The dog was already 14 years old and already feeling bad. He was ill for a very long time and doctors did not manage to find a proper treatment. They finally concluded that the only way to free him from suffering was to sleep him forever.

The man now remembered the day when he adopted the tiny dog from the shelter. At that moment the little baby was very happy and ran around the home and happily moved his tail.

But now they need to say goodbye to each other. The man could not stop crying and it was so painful for him to separate from his loyal friend. He hugged and thanked him for being with him in his good and bad times.

Then he also asked the dog to forgive him for his decision. But the dog looked at him the way he understood everything and accepted the decision. It seemed that he also wanted to stop the pain. Then the dog slept forever.

It seemed that this poor man wanted to give him back. He was crying all the time. Also, he did not want to accept that everything was over.

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