A poor homeless dog cried when a woman gave him a sausage

A poor homeless dog cried when a woman gave him a sausage.

The woman started to feed the poor animal and the picture of them went viral.
The dog was noticed when he wandered in one of China’s parks.

Here you can see how the dog stands on its legs and begs for something. He was very hungry and hopeless that someone would help him.

And when the kind woman wanted to give him a sausage he started to cry in happiness. Before eating it the dog looked at her with his sad eyes.

The next day the woman decided to visit the park again. Once the dog noticed the woman he immediately recognized her and ran towards her while wagging her tail of happiness.

The woman started to love the animal so she decided to give him a good life. But unfortunately, the doggy was not there the other day.

She started looking for him. She even asked the police officers whether they noticed the animal but they did not know anything about him.
The woman hoped that everything was good with the dog and that he was happy. Indeed he deserves the best, says the woman.

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