A poor dog wanted to have a home so he followed everyone who was going home

A poor dog wanted to have a home so he followed everyone who was going home.

Unfortunately, there is a huge number of homeless dog populations in South Africa. Many dog lovers decided to help such homeless dogs to find a home and started a project named “Dogbox Project”. So, they help organizations by giving them food.

Unfortunately, dogs in South Africa are already used to sleeping in cold places.
When the activists of the project went out and wanted to do their job they met a puppy. This dog differed from others as he started to follow the volunteers and did not give up.

Soon the activists understood that the dog will follow anyone who will deal with them kindly.

So, they call the puppy Scribble, and he had some difficulties while moving. Later the doctors found that the dog was bitten by a human. The reason could be the things that this little creature liked walking near people in hope of finding home and maybe he annoyed someone and got a blow.

Fortunately, the dog had a chance to recover. But there is some work to be completed.

Later, people showed this creature on the TV in hope of finding a home for him. And their efforts got a result. A family was watching the show and once they saw the puppy they fell in love with him. They decided to take the puppy and take care of him. Now, he had a home and carrying owners.

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