A poor dog asked people for help and a piece of bread

A poor dog asked people for help and a piece of bread.

The animal saver group again received a message about a poor dog who asked people for help from one of the Starbucks workers. The dog was begging for help from everyone who passed near him. It was obvious that the animal did not have power but asked for help with its last strength.

An activist called Eldad came to the place. The first thing he needed to do was gain the trust of the dog. Getting food is very important for a sick dog. The dog answered the man’s call and immediately ate all the food. Afterward, the man tried to calm the dog.

Later the examination showed that the dog did not have a microchip and an activist shared a photo of the animal on social media and shared its story.
At this time the dog is getting necessary treatment and then he would find new owners.

Now his name is Bob. He is a very kind animal and ate everything suggested for him. Soon, he will be a loyal and lovely animal.
Who and how he appeared on the street no one knows. Most probably he was thrown by cruel owners.

Let’s hope that he will find good owners and will have only good days with them.

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