A poor cat helped an abandoned dog who was waiting for it’s return

A poor cat helped an abandoned dog who was waiting for it’s return.

The dog was abandoned by its owners and the people said that post probably the owners changed their home and moved to a place where they could not no longer keep pets. And the dog was waiting for the owners and he did not move from the entrance where he used to love.

Such dogs did not believe in betrayal. Kind people fed such abandoned pets.
Moreover, the people said that a cat appeared with whom the dog played, ate and spent the whole day.

Neighbors claim that they have a special connection and they are strongly attached. Their connection is like a real friendship.
People feel sad for the animals whose life is endangered and they live on the streets.

So, they decided to take them to the hospital and then find them new owners.
They caught the cat but he then left the area as he was afraid of the traps.

But then he came back to help his friend. The people were sure that he would not leave his friend alone and would come back and that’s why they even did not look for him.
Then they were brought to the hospital and it turned out that everything was good with his health.

The animals continue helping each other.
We hope that they will find new owners.

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