A photographer took a photo where a pod sleeps vertically

A photographer took a photo where a pod sleeps vertically.

Probably, you ever wonder if the whales sleep, and if they sleep so how do they do so? This is a very interesting question but no one knows the answer to it.

Moreover, it seems that the question is simple but scientists have tried to find the answer to it for a very long time. Now, surprisingly the photographer managed not only to see the process but to capture the beautiful moment as well.

In 2008 scientists managed to capture sleeping whales. After this, a group of scientists from Great Britain and Japan accidentally met a group of whales in the water during their observation. The whales did not move and surprisingly were in a vertical position.

After some observation done the scientists found out that these animals spend only 7% while dreaming. These big animals sleep only 6-24 minutes. And this is considered to be a short interval.

So, one of the divers became a model who filmed with the animal. And these sea animals seem even bigger near to people.
So, these whales who probably may seem scratchy, are considered to be the harmony of their animal world.

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