A man found a little chihuahua and saved him

A man found a little chihuahua and saved him.

A woman driving home noticed a homeless man sitting and keeping something on his lap. The woman named Angel saw the man asking people for money. So she decided to stop and help him. After that, she saw the man was hiding something on his lap.

She understood that the homeless man was the most generous she had ever known.
The man did his best to warm the animal. The woman was surprised by the man’s attention towards the animal.

A man called Ron asked for a cigarette from the woman. The man asked Angel whether she could help him find a home for the animal or not.
Ron said that the dog was thrown out on the highway a couple of hours ago.

Ron immediately took the dog as he was afraid that the dog could be hitten by a car. He immediately ran towards the dangerous road and took him. But Ron realized that he was unable to look after the dog.

Unluckily the woman could not take the dog to her home but decided to do everything for her. She shared a post about this story on social media and a kind woman appeared who wanted to take care of the dog.

The homeless man was very happy as the dog could find a home, and as he knew what it meant to be homeless he did not want the dog to feel the same.

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