A little girl hurried to show her puppy to the vet

A little girl hurried to show her puppy to the vet.

Once a veterinarian visited the village to cure the ill cow. He finished his job very quickly and could already return but something happened. When it’s time to return he noticed something. He saw the girl with a dog on her back. So, this was the start of their friendship.

The girl was living in the village. Her dog had an itch for some days. The girl thought that her dog was ill and decided to take him to the vet. But because of the snow, she could not reach the center so she had to find another way. And luck smiled on them.

That day the girl knew that a vet would come to their village to cure the cow. So, fearing that the vet would leave fast she took the puppy and hurried there. So, the girl explained that her puppy was itching for some days and that she could not reach the center because of the weather.

So, how can one refuse such a girl? The doctor immediately examined the animal and fortunately it turned out that the dog was not in a very serious condition.
So, the doctor concluded that this problem can easily be solved.

Also, the doctors were so surprised by this little girl’s attention towards her animal that they decided not to take any money from her. So, this kindness is the best payment.
So, they also became best friends and after this, the doctors often visited them in the village.

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