A little girl goes for a walk with her best friend who is a horse

A little girl goes for a walk with her best friend who is a horse.

This story is about a 15-year-old sweet girl who went for a walk with a horse. They knew each other even before the girl was born.
Now, the girl cannot easily walk but she goes for a walk with the horse.

The camera captured the moment how 2 dogs joined their walk. The scene was very heartwarming and emotional. This story happened in Australia. Someone posted the video on the internet and surprisingly it got thousands of likes and everyone fell in love with the heroes.

The video and photos melted everyone’s heart that no one could stop writing beautiful comments under them. The horse was patient and never harmed the baby. It seems that animals know babies as they never hurt one of them. When the video appeared on the internet it got thousands of views.

People are amazed by seeing how the sweet baby is walking with a big horse. Also, there is no danger for the baby to walk with the baby. This baby was sweet and brave. It seems that both are very happy together and enjoy their time.

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