A grandma helped a little wolf and he as a response thanked her two years later

A grandma helped a little wolf and he as a response thanked her two years later.

Animals never forget the good things that people do for them. They remember how difficult the path they have passed and who helped them. The story proves the case.
A grandma lives alone in a village. The house was very small.

People from the city did not reach the village. The local people need to harvest firewood in summer and heat it in winter. The hero of this story, like all the other people from the village, went to the forest and was brought firewood from there.

Once, like all the other days, the grandma was going to the forest and she noticed a fallen tree, and then she heard some strange noises. She saw a wolf caught in a trap. The grandpa was very upset about what she saw and started immediately to help the baby.

Then she took the baby with her as she couldn’t leave him there.

When they were at home she started to cure the baby. But he needs special treatment and the grandma took care of him for 2 months till he fully recovered. She loved the animal so much but could not keep him any longer and decided to return him to the place where she saw him.

Two years passed. Once, when the grandma went to the forest as usual she suddenly fell. When she opened her eyes she saw the wolf with his babies next to her. But as the woman was afraid the animals moved far away from her. As she understood that the animal was the wolf that she saved she felt happy. It seemed that he showed his gratitude towards the woman who helped her before.

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