A dog understood that the savers were willing to help them so she brought her friend

A dog understood that the savers were willing to help them so she brought her friend.

People noticed a stray German near the forest. It was obvious that her ex-owners got rid of her. The dog was afraid of everyone and did not let anyone come near to her.

“I believe that I need to gain her trust,” said Judy, the head of the rescue center.
The woman started to study her every movement. During her life Judy saved thousands of abandoned animals from the area where people usually get rid of their undesired dogs.


To talk with the dog the woman used her soft voice to tell her that everything is good and will be good.
“At first the dog escaped from me when she saw me and my car,” tells the woman.

But Judy did not give up and came to feed her every day.
One usual day when the woman came the dog was already waiting for her.

“At that time I realized that I am close to my aim,” says the woman.
But this dog had a secret.

Once the dog led Judy to the forest where she saw another scared dog. It was a Pitbull with scars on his face.
“It seemed that the dog wanted to say that if you want to take me you also should take my friend,” She wrote.

I do not know how long the dogs were friends but they two looked after each other.
So, the woman had to take both of them.

They both moved to a vet and it turned out that none of them had problems.
It was a kind job to let the dog know that they deserve the best and that they would have a joyful life, tells the woman.

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