A dog saved her kids and took them from the burning building

A dog saved her kids and took them from the burning building.

It is believed that heroes can be only people, but sometimes it is not the case. Many stories prove that animals can also be so. This story is about a dog who proves the case.

The whole world heard about the fire that occurred in a Chilean town. That was very terrifying. So, the firefighters arriving there faced many burning houses. They immediately started to extinguish the fire and even did not see the dog who was in the fire carrying her puppies in her teeth.

Amanda was living in one of those houses who gave birth to 4 babies not long ago. Everything was fine until the fire burned houses. But the dog soon felt the danger and hurried to take her babies from there.

So, after taking them she brought them to the place where they would be safe and then took them to the fire truck. After extinguishing the fire, they brought them to the hospital. Unluckily, one of the dogs dies because he got deep burns. But fortunately, the rest of the babies were feeling good and soon could be ready to be adopted.

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