A dog came back home having something written on his neck

A dog came back home having something written on his neck.

The dog named Louie was missing for some hours from the home and the owners were afraid of what could happen to him. The family was amazed by the note written on his neck when they saw him.

The dog has lived in New York since childhood. When he was little he enjoyed wandering around their home and meeting their neighbors. By growing up his behavior has changed and he started to walk only around their home.

This is why the owners were concerned when he was missing for some hours. That was the same day as Marolyn visited her parents and saw them in concern.

But fortunately, after some time the dog came back home and the owners found a note written on his neck. He was very dirty. The owners thought that someone harmed the dog but they relaxed when they read the note.

The letter was from Rob. He said that the dog was his hero as he helped him to find his dog who needed help.
Rob also had a dog named Maddy, who was also missing. And Louie helped Rob to find his dog.

Rob could not find his dog if Louie did not help him. Louie did everything that Robie followed him.
Thanks to Louie, Maddy survived. Two dogs ran towards the pond and drank water.

The day Louie was so stressed that even refused to eat something. But the next day when he saw his friend he felt happy and they started to play together.

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