A dog called Spike chases the ambulance to be next to its owner

A dog called Spike chases the ambulance to be next to its owner.

The camera pictured the moment when the dog ran after the ambulance to be next to his owner who was ill. The moment was very emotional and proved the loyalty of the animal towards its owner.

The dog called Spike has an owner who is also homeless. They did not have anything besides each other.
Once people from Brazil noticed an emotional moment when the dog followed the ambulance to be with its owner.

So whenever the ambulance went, the dog chased it. But firstly the staff did not understand that the ill man was the owner of the dog.

And only understand that when they stopped and the dog went to the front of the car. So, they immediately understood what was happening.

The dog was so worried that even risked his life to be with his owner. The staff was concerned about the dog and decided to take him with them.

By jumping the car the dog approached his owner. Also stayed with him in the hospital. Fortunately, the owner did not have any serious problem and soon he fully recovered.

The man did not have anything but was rich as he had such a loyal and carrying friend.

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