A cat who could not stand found a good parent

A cat who could not stand found a good parent.

A family from Alaska found a very little MUR-S in the back of their house. Probably the mother was shocked and took her kids with her and ran away from there but she left one of them. The MUR-S was unable to walk and he left there.

It was difficult for him to move to the house. He continued to remain in poor condition. The cat not only was unable to move but also could not eat by himself.
But he needed special care and needed to eat every 2-3 hours till he would fully recover.

Shannon, who was one of the volunteers, decided to introduce the cat to his huskies. He tells how kind her huskies are and also thinks that they are good teachers and have very kind souls. The name of the husky was Sinda. Sinda knew everyone in their streets. And she got along with all the cats and dogs. So, she decided to take the cat and take care of him.

Then, after some time the rescuers found the mother who ran away and left her last cat there. Now, they are all together and feel very happy.

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