A cat brought a little swan to people and they decided to save it

A cat brought a little swan to people and they decided to save it.

This emotional story shows again how brave-hearted our tiny brothers could be. And many of us should learn mercy from them.
Many old people live in a village. Grandpa and grandma had a little creature who lived with them for about fifteen years.

This little creature had a habit of sometimes disappearing for some time but he always came back. This cat was also a fisherman and enjoyed going fishing with his lovely owner.

One day the cat was feeling bad and was in a bad mood. And instead of lying, he went somewhere. He did not come back for a long time. So, the grandma started to worry about her and asked the neighbors whether they saw him or not. And one girl said that she noticed him in the lake.

So, the grandma went there but could not find him. So, again several days passed and the owners already lost their hope of finding their beloved cat.
One day they suddenly heard a familiar noise coming from outside. The couple hurried to see who was there, and they found their lovely cat with a strange bird.

So, when the grandma took the bird she noticed that her wings were injured. They took the baby to the doctor where it passed an examination.
The doctor said how they should apply a treatment.

By spring the baby has grown remarkably. So, the couple brought him to the lake and came there every day to feed it. The cat also guarded him.
When a swan disappeared for some days the couple thought that he would not come back. But surprisingly after someday he came back and he was not alone.

He had a beautiful girlfriend with him. They started to live together and after some time had beautiful chicks. The cat started to visit them more often.

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