A cat asked to enter the building because he felt cold on the street and was unable to move.

A cat asked to enter the building because he felt cold on the street and was unable to move.

The cat stayed on the street and was frozen and that little creature did not know how to get help. Kitty came near the fire station’s windows and started to bang on them. The man was amazed by the guest’s appearance and then he saw the cat looking carefully at him.

It was really cold outside and when one of our workers went outside someone came near to him.

The cat was near the window for a long time and did not leave. It is understandable from the cat’s appearance that he did not have anywhere to go.

So, the person from our staff let the cat come inside because it was so cold outside. The cat was really hungry and once he saw the food he took it immediately.

Afterward, he was very thankful to those people. The chief of the fire station decided to look after that animal. The man already had 4 cats in his home but decided to take this one also. And he took the cat to the hospital. The doctor said that the ears of the animal were a little bit frozen but anything else was fine.

The cat is named Ellen. So, the chief shared a post about the animal on the internet so maybe someone who lost his cat could find him. But unfortunately, there was no answer and the chief took the cat back to the hospital to get vaccinations as needed.

Doctors did everything as needed. Note that Ellen did not calm until the end of the medical examination. It is felt that the cat was enjoying the love that he gets now.

Firemen wanted to leave Ellen to the fire station and look after him together but then they remembered that during the weekends no one could look after him. Afterward, they started to look for owners for the cat and they were immediately found.

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