A broken horse took care of the foal who just lost its mom

A broken horse took care of the foal who just lost its mom.

We learned about this emotional story of a foal and horse meeting each other. Such stories once again prove that there is strong compassion and assistance among animals. In 2021, a video about 2 animals meeting became popular on the internet who barely survived.

A horse called Sitti needed to give birth to her baby but he lost him because she was prematurely born. The mother was very sad. The owners of the horse were Sein and Iris who saw how their animal was suffering from her loss every day. And they decided to do something.

They knew from somewhere that there is a foal near to their house who recently lost his mom who died while giving birth. So, the poor baby was left alone without his mother and any food. So, no one took care of him.

The meeting of these 2 animals was so touching and the video fixed those moments. What was surprising was that the horse did scare the baby.

So, the horse started to feed him. The baby was very happy.

The horse loved the baby like his real mother would do. She took care of him and gave him lots of love. Now, They both feel better and are very happy.

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