A brave dog hurried to save a kitten from drowning in the lake

A brave dog hurried to save a kitten from drowning in the lake.

Probably you all heard about real stories that show how devoted and kind dogs could be. But also there is a stereotype that such animals could not get along with others. But these loyal dogs are always ready to danger and sacrifice their lives to save the ones whom they love.

The story is about a kind dog who tried to help a little cat from drowning. And this story makes everyone speechless as it proves how dogs could be such heroes.
No one knows how this poor creature appeared in the center of the lake but thanks to the dogs’ efforts it was saved.

A stranger captured this heart-warming moment. When the picture appeared on social media it got thousands of likes and comments. Everyone’s hearts melted. And this is not the first case when we hear that dogs sacrifice their lives to save others. They are the kindest creatures in the world.

Also, many people still think that cats and dogs could not become friends. But we can see that this is not sometimes the fact and in most cases, they get along with others very well.

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