A baby wanted to hug his friend and sleep with him

A baby wanted to hug his friend and sleep with him.

Finn Knundston, who was only 2-year-old, got a special nanny. That nanny was a dog called Brutus. The dog not only took care of the baby but also became a pillow for who. The baby hugged the dog as a soft toy and slept.

The dog guarded the baby everywhere. When the baby grew up the dog laid down on the edge so that he would not fall from the bed.
When the baby’s mother found them always together she decided to set up a camera to see what was happening during the night. But after some time following them, the mother found out that nothing was wrong.

Few people know that the dog was showing anxiety during her pregnancy. After some medical examinations, the doctors found out a heart disease that the baby already has. But the mother did not want to refuse the baby. So she kept him and then gave birth.

When the baby was born he underwent special surgery when he was 7 weeks old.
Brutus felt that the baby needed special care and he did his best to provide every necessary thing for him.

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